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How can you support Bernie’s Book Bank’s mission to increase book ownership among children throughout Chicagoland?

  • Donate Books: Give your children’s books a second life! We collect all new and gently used children’s books for birth through 6th grade readers. Drop off your extras or host a book drive and we will pick them up.
  • Organize a book drive; collect books for Chicagoland children from community members. Contact Carol for more details.
  • Volunteer during one of our weekly sessions. Come solo or organize a group to sort, sticker & pack books.
  • Donate $16 to provide 8 quality books for a year for one child; $80 provides for 5 children.
  • Encourage children to hold a bake sale or lemonade stand to benefit Bernie’s Book Bank.
  • Attend Birdies & Books or another Bernie’s Book Bank fundraiser event.

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Your book donation helped support the message that reading is for pleasure.  This morning our school pounced on the excitement from the students and hosted a school wide DEAR time. (Drop Everything and Read) Honestly, you could hear a pin drop and the smiles were absolutely delightful.

Patricia Fortune

Literacy Coach, Burbank School

You don't have to work in education to know that there are many factors in learning to be a successful reader, but none is as important as having actual access to personal books. Bernie's Book Bank comes walking right into the classrooms on a regular basis and makes the impossible possible for these children.

Jane Vester

Librarian, McCall Elementary School