Receive free books from Bernie’s Book Bank

Bernie’s Book Bank is the logistical bridge between where books are today and are no longer being used, to where they are not and are desperately needed.

In Schools

Bernie’s Book Bank Distribution Partners are schools and organizations that serve large populations of at-risk children. In schools, all students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program are eligible to receive books. Schools in which 65% or more of the students are enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program are eligible to receive books for ALL students at the school.

Bernie’s Book Bank distribution partners value how easy we make it for them. Books arrive at each facility or school in leveled, “distribution-ready” bags. This allows us to quickly deliver bags of books directly to the children who desperately want and need them without creating work for our distribution partners!

WIC (Women, Infant, Children)

Bernie’s Book Bank serves preschool-aged children through WIC, a national program administered by the Health Department. WIC provides nutrition education, heath care referrals, breastfeeding support and vouchers for nutritious supplemental foods at no cost to families whose income is 185% or less of the federal poverty level and have children under 5 years old.

Through the WIC Bernie’s Book Buddies program, children receive six quality books at each visit (at least twice a year). The objective of this program is to increase interaction with books among at-risk infants and toddlers, enhancing their chances of being kindergarten-ready and achieving long-term academic success. Sadly, the trajectory of a high school drop out begins in kindergarten!

School Distribution Partnerships

The objective of Bernie’s Book Bank is to support the hard work being done in these schools to improve literacy by insuring that children have books to read at home. Every child who attends a qualified school receives two bags of books from Bernie’s Book Bank every year. Each bag contains six “just right,” age-appropriate books.

In providing a quantity of books to each child each year, we not only provide them with reading material to fuel their love for reading, but create “book ambassadors” for a lifetime. It has been said that an abundance of books in the home is more important than both parents’ educational levels.


Bernie’s Book Bank plays a crucial role in instilling a love for books and reading in our students.  Many of our students do not have adequate access to quality books and Bernie’s Book Bank has helped to supplement this need.  Our students beam with excitement every time they receive their bag of books!

Brian Carr

Principal, Hyde Park School