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Transform the lives of local children in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Bernie’s Book Bank will work with you and your family, corporation, foundation and civic group to design a gift that you find most impactful. Our mission to create pathways to success through book ownership is possible due to the generosity of our donors, and we are happy to work with you to design a contribution that works best for your unique goal. Some examples of past partnerships include:

DIY Fundraiser

Transform the stories of local children by creating a fundraising page! Make special moments like birthdays, graduations, weddings, retirement, or honoring someone’s memory even more impactful by attaching a fundraising page! Fundraising pages receive custom landing pages to make each page even more personal. Together, we can empower children to explore new ideas, gain knowledge, and strengthen reading skills through book ownership!

Donor Advised Fund Gifts

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to recommend grants to your favorite charities, like Bernie’s Book Bank. This generous gift can be accomplished one of three ways:
1. You can recommend a grant from your DAF through your fund administrator or by granting online (find yours below).
2. You can set-up recurring grants from your DAF to help sustain the mission of Bernie’s Book Bank. This can be done online (find your DAF institution below) or by contacting your fund administrator. You can choose how frequently the automated grants will occur.
3. You may name Bernie’s Book Bank as the beneficiary of your DAF which continues the mission of Bernie’s Book Bank long after your lifetime. Simply contact your fund administrator to learn more.
Please call 847.780.7323 or email Executive Director Kristen Daniels to share DAF plans so we can thank you for your generosity. *Please request for your name and address to be included.

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Interested in learning more or working together to design a gift that is meaningful to you?

Contact Kristen Daniels

Stocks and Securities

Donating stock and mutual fund shares are wonderful ways to help Bernie’s Book Bank fulfill our mission. Making a gift of securities is simple and offers a number of valuable financial benefits. You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Also, the total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible and there is no obligation to pay any capital gains taxes on the appreciation. Please contact Kristen Daniels or call 847.780.7323 to discuss a stock or security gift.

Donate via bank transfer or stock

If you’d like to donate to Bernie’s Book Bank via bank transfer, stock options, or a legacy gift, or need any support processing a donation, please contact Kristen Daniels, Executive Director. (847.780.7323.)

Increase your impact – secure an employer match

Ask your HR representative if your company offers an employer match to your generous gift. Many large and small organizations maximize the charitable giving of their employees by offering to match their gifts.

Looking for another way to contribute? Contact Kristen Daniels (847.780.732)


You don't have to work in education to know that there are many factors in learning to be a successful reader, but none is as important as having actual access to personal books. Bernie's Book Bank comes walking right into the classrooms on a regular basis and makes the impossible possible for these children.

Jane Vester

Librarian, McCall Elementary School