volunteer at Bernie's Book Bank

Want to Volunteer to Help Children in Chicagoland?

Bernie’s Book Bank is looking for volunteers that want a hands-on opportunity to impact the literacy crisis in Chicagoland.

Bring your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to volunteer and experience how good helping others feels. We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities. Attend any of our 18 weekly volunteer sessions with a simple online registration. Bernie’s Book Bank offers the perfect opportunity for your corporate, social, civic or religious group to help sort, sticker and pack quality books for under-served children.

My daughters are growing up in a pretty lucky environment and they need to know from a young age that not everyone is as lucky as they are. Being young children, you have to show them and take them to Bernie’s Book Bank…giving them an actual experience is so much better than just telling them about it.

Annie Ignoffo

Bernie's Book Bank Supporter