Our Team

We are different by design. The things that set us apart are our ability to connect meaningfully with people, our belief that knowledge is power and the most vital way of attaining that is through reading and finally, we strive to leverage the most out of what we are entrusted with and sustainably reuse, recycle, and re-purpose so we can invest more in the children we serve.

We’re a team driven by the knowledge that our unsurpassed success in obtaining our mission is based on three principles: simplicity, empowerment and efficiency.

Brian Floriani

Founder & Executive Director

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Jane Adler

Director of Finance

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Caryn Adolph

Director of Administration

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Sarna Goldenberg

Director of Marketing & Communications

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Andy Donovan

Processing and Volunteer Manager

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Scott Kulefsky

Collections and Distribution Manager

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Christina Holt

Event Manager

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Rob O’Brien

Data & Technology Manager

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Casey Barbknecht

Visitor Services Specialist

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Adrian Colin

Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Nick DeMarco

Senior Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Laura De Spain

Visitor Services Specialist

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Dante Gates

Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Monte Harris

Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Sara Harty

Processing Center Leveling Lead

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Christine Heckmann

Processing Center Specialist

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Matt Heiser

Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Beth McCullough

Distribution Liasion

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Nancy McKee

Visitor Services Specialist

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Bill Nixon

Events/Processing Center Specialist

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John Noster

Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Rosie Paparella

Book Drive Specialist

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Mark Pietrowski

Back of House Supervisor

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Heather Wojda

Processing Center Team Lead

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Andee Wilkov

Part-time Collection and Distribution Specialist

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Any time we can put books into our students’ hands it is a “win-win” situation.  Bernie’s Book Bank extends our literacy work with all students.

Sandy Zalewski

Director for Communications & Development, Joliet Public Schools