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Bernie’s Book Bank is excited to unveil a “Sponsor A Book” program that aims to increase the number of books distributed that feature diverse characters and story lines.

Educators will tell you that while all children need books that act as windows to new worlds, books that act as a mirror to a child’s own experience are crucial to create lifelong readers. Bernie’s Book Bank wants to distribute a variety of books that will resonate with all the children we serve, inclusive of all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.

Unfortunately, books featuring characters from diverse backgrounds are rarely donated to Bernie’s Book Bank and are seldom available in the bargain markets where we source many of our books. However, we can source these books in bulk at an average price of $2 per book. The Sponsor A Book program gives you the chance to support this initiative and ensure that as many children as possible can see themselves represented in the books they receive from Bernie’s Book Bank.

Want to sponsor a book? Visit our Lake Bluff location to select one of the designated books with diverse characters, make your donation ($2 per book) and place your book in the processing center for bagging.

Take a look at a few of our featured Sponsor A Book titles –