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The Bernie’s Book Bank drive team takes their fried chicken and chicken wings very seriously. So, when we’re in Antioch and are craving the best wings around, we head over to Wings Etc.* Aside from the fact that they have phenomenal wings, both boneless and bone-in, they also serve an array of fun tasty sides. You can never go wrong with tater tots or “Ultimate Nachos” loaded with chili, lettuce, tomato, olives, onions, jalapenos and cheese.

Now back to the chicken. I have a soft spot for boneless buffalo wings and in my opinion, Wings Etc. has the best. Their original hot buffalo sauce is exquisite, and their TNT sauce is both flavorful and mouth blazing. They also serve a variety of wraps, salads and sandwiches to entice both vegetarians and those not fond of wings. So, if chicken wings are your meal mission, head on over to Wings Etc. in Antioch, hopefully we’ll see you there.

Guest blogger Nick DeMarco is a key part of the Bernie’s Book Bank distribution team. DeMarco has been logging miles with us since 2014, making him an in-house expert on all the hidden gem local restaurants we get to share with you.

*Bernie’s Book Bank is not affiliated with Wings Etc. and this is not a sponsored blog post.

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