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Ricobene’s of Chicago ranks high in our list of the best lunches available in the Chicagoland area. I had heard rumblings of an amazing sandwich in my infancy as a book banker, but nothing could have prepared me for what USA Today calls “The Best Sandwich in the World.” A bold claim maybe, but for this distributor of books it is nonetheless accurate. Ricobene’s breaded steak sandwich has been featured in newspapers and food shows, and it takes the cake for the best sandwich I’ve had the pleasure of consuming. So much so, that I’ve barely taken the opportunity to indulge in much else of their menu. The steak is tender and juicy, breaded to perfection and smothered in mouthwatering tomato sauce. But it doesn’t stop there; you can add melted mozzarella and hot giardiniera to top off this already delectable sandwich. One bite will surely make you a regular. Additionally, they serve killer arancini and chili cheese fries. So, if you have an appetite and a desire to check out what is hailed as the best sandwich in the world then head over to Ricobene’s of Chicago, hopefully we’ll see you there.

Guest blogger Nick DeMarco is a key part of the Bernie’s Book Bank distribution team. DeMarco has been logging miles with us since 2014, making him an in-house expert on all the hidden gem local restaurants we get to share with you.

*Bernie’s Book Bank is not affiliated with Ricobene’s and this is not a sponsored blog post.

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