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Epic Deli* of McHenry is one of the most stylishly unique eateries our Book Team has had the privilege of sampling. Visually, it presents customers with a vibrant graffiti style color scheme peppered with artistic caricatures of monster, food hybrids. It blends pop culture with rock ‘n’ roll décor and hosts retro arcade games as well. As intriguing as their ambiance is, it’s the menu that is even more mind blowing. With sandwiches names like The aPORKalypse, The Lisa Simpson, and The Wookie Foot, it is clear they incorporate creativity into every menu item. From including ingredients like Doritos, Cheetos, soda infused BBQ sauces, ghost pepper slaw and habenero pickles to serving pizza puffs in sandwiches, Epic Deli makes truly epic eats. However, sandwiches are not their only specialty. Epic Deli offers burgers, chimichangas, hot dogs, appetizers and even vegan and keto options. If you’re having trouble choosing what to order, I highly recommend giving The Kenny Powers a try. This mouthwatering treasure starts with succulent pulled pork topped with a rootbeer barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, country fried bacon, ghost pepper slaw, fried jalapeno caps and habanero pickles – a truly epic experience. I also recommend the Chorizo Poppers, which as the name suggests is jalapeno poppers stuffed with chorizo. So, if you’re looking for unique and delicious food, come on over to Epic Deli, hopefully we’ll see you there.

Guest blogger Nick DeMarco is a key part of the Bernie’s Book Bank distribution team. DeMarco has been logging miles with us since 2014, making him an in-house expert on all the hidden gem local restaurants we get to share with you.

*Bernie’s Book Bank is not affiliated with Epic Deli and this is not a sponsored blog post.

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