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Antioch Pizza Shop* of Antioch is yet another esteemed stop for the Bernie’s Book Bank team. With humble beginnings of a shared recipe by friends, this easygoing nearby pizza joint has grown into a local crave haven. Their top-notch pizza is dressed with the freshest natural ingredients without skimping on portions. A wide variety of unique pizzas are offered to order either by the slice or whole pie. Some of their more toothsome offerings are their western pizza (sausage, bacon, onion, cheddar, mozzarella, and BBQ sauce), buffalo chicken pizza (grilled chicken and mozzarella, smothered in buffalo sauce), and bacon double cheeseburger pizza (ground beef, bacon, mozzarella and cheddar). What amps this place up to an 11 is their $5 deal: 2 slices and a drink. Personally, few lunches are as mouthwatering as two slices of their sausage pan pizza paired with an ice-cold Red Crème soda. This meal satisfies my healthy appetite and it only clocks in at a wallet-friendly $5. A wide variety of quality pizzas for an unmatchable price makes this place an Antioch must. Stop on over at Antioch Pizza Shop in Antioch, hopefully we’ll see you there.  

Guest blogger Nick DeMarco is a key part of the Bernie’s Book Bank distribution team. DeMarco has been logging miles with us since 2014, making him an in-house expert on all the hidden gem local restaurants we get to share with you. 

*Bernie’s Book Bank is not affiliated with Antioch Pizza Shop and this is not a sponsored blog post.