There are no Book Drives scheduled at this time. If you have children’s books to donate please use the Book Drop Locator to find the Book Donation Location nearest you. Please note, Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Bluff is not an open Book Drop locations at this time. Thank you!

Why donate your children’s books to Bernie’s Book Bank?

  • We don’t give children one book or two books. We give them entire libraries of books. So every ONE book donated becomes part of TWELVE books per year for 12 years.
  • The children’s books you donate to Bernie’s Book Bank become part of a long-term, sustainable effort aimed at providing children with quality, progressive levels of books.
  • The children’s books you donate are processed by our volunteers and delivered directly into the hands of under-served children to take home and enjoy forever.
  • The sourcing, processing and distribution of gently used, outgrown and new children’s books to those in need is our only focus!

Need a receipt for books you donated at a book drop location? Receive one here. 

Host A Book Drive

Support more under-served children with a book drive.
We supply the posters, bins, pick-up and advice to make every book drive successful!

Yesterday my kids received free books from your foundation and they were very thrilled. They began reading on the way home. I simply would like to express my sincere gratitude for your great deed. Sometimes as parents we have money issues and can’t purchase from places like “scholastics” and it was great to see them so happy with their books.

A Greenbriar School Parent

Every child should be able to read their way to a better life.