Why donate your children’s books to Bernie’s Book Bank?

  • We don’t give children one book or two books. We give them entire libraries of books. So every ONE book donated becomes part of TWELVE books per year for 12 years.
  • Bernie’s Book Bank does not buy books. We believe in read, reuse, recycle! Adult books get “passed along” all the time. Why not children’s books?
  • The children’s books you donate to Bernie’s Book Bank become part of a long-term, sustainable effort aimed at providing children with quality, progressive levels of books.
  • The children’s books you donate are processed and ready for redistribution within five days.
  • Books are delivered directly into the hands of at-risk children to take home and enjoy forever.
  • The collection, processing and distribution of gently used, outgrown and new children’s books to those in need is our only focus!

Host A Book Drive

Support more at-risk children with a book drive.
We supply the posters, bins, pick-up and advice to make every book drive successful!

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Every child should be able to read their way to a better life.

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