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Every Tuesday at 11 a.m. all-star volunteer Dominique arrives at Bernie’s Book Bank with a bright smile, ready to volunteer.

Dominique was first introduced to Bernie’s Book Bank in 2014 when she joined an adult day program after graduating school. She and her group visited Bernie’s Book Bank to volunteer together in the processing center. When Dominique left the day program, her mother Deanna worked to create a custom program to fit Dominique’s skills, interests and needs.

Dominique has autism, so finding a place where she feels comfortable and can use her unique skills is important. Her natural gift for working with stickers and desire to give back to the community made Bernie’s Book Bank the perfect match for Dominique. In fact, she has volunteered every Tuesday at 11 a.m. since March of 2016!

At Bernie’s Book Bank Dominique is always warmly greeted by team members. There is a special spot designated for her and her support person to sticker books for under-served children. Dominique feels embraced and loved when she is here–Bernie’s Book Bank has become like family to her. 

“I am blown away by the organization and coordination for volunteers,” Dominique’s mother Deanna explained. “The support and accommodation for my daughter is incredible. Bernie’s Book Bank has been life changing for Dominique.”

Dominique is a social butterfly and is always making new friends. She especially looks forward to hugs from her friend Casey, the Director of Volunteer Services at Bernie’s Book Bank.

“Dominique brings so much joy to the Processing Center,” Casey shared. “Getting to know and interact with high energy, kind, passionate volunteers like Dominique is what makes working at Bernie’s Book Bank so special.”

When asked what she hopes others will take away from her daughter’s story, Deanna said, “I hope that my daughter will inspire others to volunteer.”

Interested in following Dominique’s lead and volunteering at Bernie’s Book Bank? We welcome people of all ages and abilities to join us for one of our 18 weekly volunteer sessions. Learn more and sign up today!