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Food, music and fun activities brought out hundreds of people to the 10th annual Community Days event in North Chicago over the weekend.

“It’s about fellowship,” Rockingham said. “This is a way we show our unity.”

On Saturday, Rockingham didn’t miss a step while dancing to the Cupid Shuffle on the stage. “To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right” he swayed.

North Chicago Police officers also had fun interacting with the crowds.

In uniform, officers Delante Greer and Deven Tolver grooved to R&B music on stage and on the lawn.

One by one, ladies of all ages from the crowd made a beeline to dance with the young officers, who have been with the department just under two years.

Lake Bluff resident Maria Phifer left her husband’s side and made her way to the two dancing policemen, but it wasn’t a dance she was after. Instead, the young mom handed her 6-month-old twins, Lamarian and Labarton Jr. to the two so she could take their picture.

“I just want something to remember today,” Phifer said, while snapping the photos with her phone.

“This is a genuine bond we have with the community,” officer Greer said, before returning to his dance partner duties.

During the day Saturday, those who mingled through the organization booths got to hear about the work they do in the community and received gifts, such as backpacks filled with school supplies for the kids.

The United Way of Lake County, Waukegan and Shields townships, the North Chicago Public Library and Bernie’s Book Bank were among the organizations that participated.

Toward the evening, families settled in on lawn chairs and blankets and listened to live music just before a show of fireworks.

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