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Saturday Night Special 7.1.17 | Organizations Helping Children

No matter how you feel about school lunches, free breakfast programs, gun violence, poverty, sexism, racism, we can all agree that every single child deserves and has a right to food, shelter, education, safety, health joy and love.

This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes a look at four fantastic organizations that are actively seeking to help children in Chicago and around the world by giving them the things we sometimes take for granted — safety, food, shelter, clothing, opportunity and encouragement.

Amy welcomes Brian Floriani, Founder and Executive Director of Bernie’s Book Bank. Brian talks about the origins and mission of the organization and the importance of having kids reading ready when they start school.

Quentin Mables stops by to talk about iGrow Chicago, an organization that aims to bring out the potential in everyone. He an Amy discuss iGrow’s impact on the Englewood neighborhood and how they are helping kids learn more about themselves through a variety of activities.

Rita Kikoen, Executive Director of Engineering for Kids Chicagoland, is in-studio to talk about how her camp gets kids interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at an early age. She also discusses the topic of women in STEM fields and the importance of getting young girls excited about these fields.

Finally, attorney Charity Ryerson is a founder of the Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL), an organization that is dedicated to keeping corporations around the world accountable for their actions. She talks with Amy about the CAL’s recent work and the importance of maintaining the rights of children.

Click here to hear the feature on Organizations Helping Children.