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Think there are a lot of people in this photo? Now picture double the number of eager teachers! Earlier this summer, Bernie’s Book Bank hosted more than 200 volunteers from the Golden Apple Foundation, making it one of the largest volunteers sessions in history. These aspiring teachers and Golden Apple Scholars helped sort and prepare books for the at-risk children Bernie’s Book Bank serves.

The majority of the volunteers were rising juniors from many different colleges. They are taking part in a summer program at DePaul University, hosted by the Golden Apple Foundation. During their time, they will take various classes, partake in community service and get hands on experience in the classroom.

Ashley, from Rockford University, enjoyed her time volunteering at Bernie’s Book Bank. From a teacher perspective, she sees the importance of volunteering for a cause near to her heart.

“It’s really nice to be surrounded by other people who want to help the cause,” Ashley shared. “It’s important for kids to have access to books and read at an early age in order to develop their reading skills and give them creativity.”

Cameron from McHenry University, understands the mission on a personal level.

“I didn’t get a whole lot of reading when I was younger,” Cameron admitted. “If I would have been a more active reader, it probably would have bumped up my English skills, and those would have transferred to all of my other classes.”

A big THANK YOU to every single volunteer, we hope to work with you all again soon! Best of luck on your future endeavors.

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