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Collection and distribution, led by our team of drivers, are key components in executing Bernie’s Book Bank mission to increase book ownership among at-risk Chicagoland children. With 6 counties served, our humble team of 6 drivers log approximately 63,000 miles each year.

The journey of the books that go through Bernie’s Book Bank is one that is extensive and filled with many stops along the way. Once picked up from their collection sites, the books meet our loyal team of volunteers who sort, sticker, and sandwich them into our signature green book bags. Once these crucial steps are covered, the books reunite with our drivers who travel near and far to deliver them into the hands of the excited children we serve. Throughout all these stages, the drivers are along for the ride.

This is the first post of our new blog series: Drive n’ Dine. Every Tuesday we will highlight one of the many favorite restaurant stops our drivers have come to love along the road of collection and distribution. These flavorful joints refuel the manpower that put the Bernie’s Book Bank’s mission into action. Stay tuned to hear about the best, unsung local dishes that our drivers personally recommend.

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