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Halsted Street Deli* in Vernon Hills utilizes several core principles to ensure customer satisfaction. They offer a wide variety of hefty sandwiches along with varied healthy options, coffee and desserts. The deli serves a selection of quality meats, cheeses and breads, and they create a warm colorful atmosphere for their patrons to relax and enjoy their top-notch eats. Few sandwich shops the book bankers have had the pleasure of experiencing offer as high quality ingredients as Halsted Street Deli. Using Boars Heads meats and cheeses, makes even the simplest sandwiches a delicacy. Whether it be their piled high corn beef sandwich or amazing Big Tony Italian sub their creations always offer a taste explosion with every bite.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Halsted also offers wraps, salads, paninis and soups all with the same level of deliciousness as their sandwiches. If you want my recommendation, I’ll point you in the direction of their chicken chili. Topped with cheddar and onions, I’ve never tasted its equal and will indulge in it on every visit. So, if sandwich is what your palate is craving, then head on over to Halsted Street Deli in Vernon Hills, hopefully we’ll see you there.

Guest blogger Nick DeMarco is a key part of the Bernie’s Book Bank distribution team. DeMarco has been logging miles with us since 2014, making him an in-house expert on all the hidden gem local restaurants we get to share with you.

*Bernie’s Book Bank is not affiliated with Halsted Street Deli and this is not a sponsored blog post.

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