Scott Kulefsky

Director of Distribution

[email protected]

After spending most of his career as a warehouse manager in the automotive parts industry, Scott knew it was time for a change, and set off to find a new experience that allowed him to use his skills and talents to make a difference in his community.  As the Book Collections & Distribution Manager, Scott plays an integral role in making sure the books donated to Bernie’s Book Bank find their way into the eager hands of curious children!

As a parent, Scott has always understood and appreciated the value of reading not only as a learning and development tool, but also as a shared experience for parents and their children to spend quality time together.

On his first day, Scott was part of an event that distributed over 1600 books to 140 children.  “All it took was one event, and I was hooked,” Scott says.  “The expressions of pure joy on their faces was a great reminder that nothing is more important than our children.”