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Using sound business and logistics principles in every facet of our operation, we are uniquely positioned as the experts of children’s book banking.

  • Innovative approach to empower children to explore new ideas, gain knowledge, and strengthen reading skills through books and book ownership.
  • Sustainable distribution continuum from birth through sixth grade
  • Efficiently source, process and distribute each quality book for $2
  • Scalable model to be replicated in every major city
  • Effective path to building personal libraries of 96 quality books for local children
  • Distribution through early childhood programs & title I schools supports children regardless of address
  • Urgent solution to a national crisis that impacts us all

Bernie’s Book Bank creates pathways to success through book ownership which empowers children to explore new ideas, gain knowledge and strengthen reading skills. 


A future where every child has equal access to books and the opportunities they inspire.

How Can You Help?

There are countless ways to support Bernie’s Book Bank- both big and small.
Donate books, volunteer your time, invest in the children we serve, attend an event at Bernie’s Book Book and more!

I love to read. Always have. Always will. Books are my passion. I love to look at them. touch them, feel them, much more. I love to read them- lots of them!

Bernard P. Floriani, Sr