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The Patrick Mannelly Award is presented to the most outstanding Long Snapper in Division I football. In its inaugural year, those at the Patrick Mannelly Award have selected Bernie’s Book Bank as their official nonprofit beneficiary. Together, the Patrick Mannelly Award and Bernie’s Book Bank will use this award as a platform to promote the important values that both organizations share.

In conjunction with the Patrick Mannelly Award, and in honor of the number Mannelly wore as a member of the Chicago Bears, the 65 Honor Roll has been created. The 65 Honor Roll will consist of 65 high school football players across Chicagoland that Patrick Mannelly and Bernie’s Book Bank believe best exemplify the following values: excellence, integrity, effectiveness, teamwork and balance.

Nominations for the 65 Honor Roll are now open. If you are a high school football coach and believe that a player (or multiple players) on your team consistently exhibit the values listed above, we invite you to fill out the 65 Honor Roll nomination form. If you are not a high school coach but want to ensure that high school football players in your community are recognized, please share this nomination form with the football coach at your local high school.

Although the Patrick Mannelly Award is for Long Snappers, the 65 Honor Roll is open to any position on the football team. The 65 Honor Roll is limited to 65 football players; if more than 65 nominations are received, selections will be made.

Nominations are due October 14th and winners will be notified November 14th. All winners will receive a free ticket to attend the Patrick Mannelly Award ceremony and dinner on December 14th at Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Bluff, IL.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

Bernie’s Book Bank is the nonprofit beneficiary of the Patrick Mannelly Award presented by William Blair.

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