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Often, our lives get busy. Really busy. So busy, that we forget to spend time doing what we love. For all of us at Bernie’s Book Bank, we love to read! If you have ever felt like you’ve gotten too busy to take some time to read or you are getting frustrated with reading, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Read one chapter every night before bed. If you can work this into your daily or nightly routine, then soon you will automatically be reaching for that book when you hop into bed!
  2. Read shorter books. If you feel like you can never get up the motivation to finish a book, try reading shorter books! Reading shorter books will help build up your motivation. When you see that pile of “to-read” books turn into “already read” books, you will start to understand your success!
  3. Alternate book topics. If you get bored easily when reading books, try alternating between books! When you switch from reading a historical fiction to reading a mystery novel, there’s no way you’ll be able to put your books down!
  4. Listen to your books! Audio books are a good option for someone who is short on time. You can listen to audio books when running errands, eating lunch, or going for a jog. There are so many fantastic narrators for all types of books.
  5. Join a book club! Many people find that in addition to being able to talk about your book with others as you read it, book clubs help to provide accountability. Book clubs don’t have to be a formal get-together, they can also be a casual meet-up, a skype date, or a text group. Get a group of friends together and start picking our your book club book today!


We hope you can find a wonderful book to curl up with! Read on!