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The 3rd Annual Book Lovers’ City Lunch brought together bookworms from all across Chicago on Tuesday, November 7 in support of Bernie’s Book Bank.

Bernie’s Book Bank was humbled to host Henderson School Assistant Principal Tawanda Miller who shared the impact of book ownership to under-served children. She displayed the Chicago Book Scarcity Map, showing how precious books truly are in the city. When Bernie’s Book Bank serves each Henderson student with 12 quality books per year, we empower them to read their way to a better life.

The event featured Newton N. Minow, author of Abandoned in the Wasteland: Children, Television & the First Amendment and numerous professional journal and magazine articles. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and serves as the Walter Annenberg Professor Emeritus there. Minow has received many awards, most notably the Medal of Freedom in 2016.

Newton, in conversation with Rabbi Sam Gordon, was impressive, humorous and inspiring. His stories related to Sesame Street, Presidential Debates and favorite books led back to the common themes of education and equality. We are grateful to Newton and Rabbi Gordon for their insight, time and dedication to such important causes. Bernie’s Book Bank strives to make education the ultimate equalizer with every single quality book distributed…all 10 MILLION books and counting!

Bernie’s Book Bank is extremely grateful to KPMG, Allstate and all of our generous sponsors for supporting this impactful benefit. Special thanks to our incredible Co-Chairs Lia Douglas & Whitney Lamberson.

We look forward to seeing you at the 4th Annual Book Lovers’ City Lunch in 2018!